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Thursday, 20 January 2011

London Loves Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj steps out of The Dorchester hotel in London
So as everybody in the UK should know by now, Nicki Minaj is in town!! Nicki Minaj's mix tapes were brought to the attention of the hip hop lovers @ the REB headquarters early last year. The team were blown away with the fact that firstly the silenced voice of female rap artists had been broken by this eclectic animated young lady with lyrical delivery and content that would rival the male heavyweights in the industry, so we stayed tuned....  Few months later we got to put a face to the voice and from that moment we were on board.
Here at the Raw Edge Team we not only admire her artistry, but her role as a strong business women, fairly new in the industry yet already her album sales have surpassed the likes of Kanye West, she has graced the covers and pages of many publications,  her own Mac Lipstick and certified global troop of ''barbs''. Impressive to say the least.. 

Moreover, here at REB we have noticed that Miss Minaj has taken her place in the industry as a Fashion Icon,  now recognised by fashion publications as one to watch (especially Grazia, who for the past 6 consecutive weeks have had a Nicki Minaj devotion). She certainly pushes the bar with her extrovert outfits giving the fashion industry a breath of fresh air, an individual following and setting her own trends. 

We wonder how far her 'Harajuku Barbie glam' will get this young lady as she states 'hey yo Anna Wintour, Ima need that cover baby girl'...We look forward to that day.. In the meantime Nicki the REB team would love to dress you any day.

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