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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Top 5 LFW Beauty Trends

Ladies no fear if you missed out on the  capitals week of fashion. I’m always here to inspire your beauty world. There is so much we can take from the catwalk and make it daily friendly. So let’s discuss the top five beauty trends of this week;

So I thought I was hot on eyelashes till I saw Paperself Lashes!!! They aren’t just your regular lash extensions they are inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting and come in eleven styles! You can have eyelashes in the shape of horses or zebras it is beyond imagination. Paperelf were giving out free demos @ the Exhibition! Look out for them!!

So I’ve come to a conclusion that there was not simply one ongoing hair trend throughout it looked as if there was a combination of headgear and hair styles.

Woven Plaits are here to stay, as seen at the Belle Sauvage show. I simply love woven plaits on a lazy day.  I still love Top knot either in a bun or a pony tail they are so neat and classic looks great with statement lips. I find that I love to define my eyebrows and lips more as well as contour my face when I’ve tied my hair up. I think it’s such great catwalk hair as it creates length for the models as well as not taking the emphasis off the clothes. Mid length hair has also been popular at LFW, suits all, easy fix!

 We also spotted a few girls with bleached tips. This new craze is known as dip dye hair! BLEACH based in Dalston's popular WAH nails are credited with pioneering this movement. Celebs such as Nicki Minaj have embraced this new dip dye culture there’s no doubt we will see several more following this phenomenon. The new Topshop SS campaign for 2011 features a lot of dip dye too. Warning: For the Brave only! 
(BLEACH are also currently based in Topshop, Oxford Street)

The biggest hair related trend I noticed at this seasons LFW is the headgear!! Today was totally full of the most fabulous head décor ranging from fur hats, floppy hats, silk scarves and turbans. I should have brought my trilby as the weather was not exactly on my side! I love the way that head gear can clash with your ensemble, perfect for a bad hair day. We even spotted Hilary Alexander around Somerset House wearing a fur hat looking sensational! 

I guess we are all in the nude with our lips!!!!I’m actually loving this trend… there are soooo many great nudey lip colours that I adore such as Crème d’nude and Buttercup from Mac Cosmetics but I find a mix of lipsticks does the trick depending on your skin tone. Mac cosmetics have this new superwoman range to POW your way into spring. This cartoon inspired collection suitable for spring is a great way to update your makeup bag. With the fresh faced daytime look and bold colours for the evenings it’s a great combination for this upcoming season. I will be testing this range out myself so I shall keep you updated on my faves!

We also love the bold but  since we are coming into spring why not try a bit of an orange tinge as a change to our reds and deep purple. Vegas Volt is a bit flash I feel totally fab wearing it! Very electric but can be worn during the day!

Whether heavily or softly defined, eyebrows have been essential and a trending fashion. Thin eyebrows are so out the window and it may be even acceptable to have a slight mono brow! We now live in a society where high definition eyebrows are a must in order to character your face with or without makeup. There are so many kits to aid with eyebrow definition there aren’t just eyebrow pencils. I still find myself defining daily even though I tint my brows like crazy…every little helps.

With the above having so much prominence its all about having natural skin! Letting the eyebrows and lips talk for themselves. We are seeing a lot of this on the catwalk with less emphasis on blush and more on contouring/ a more pure look. A top secret tip to achieve great sheer skin,  just a bit extra to your two litres of water and five a day... Lush cosmetics' Mask of Magnamity face mask!
Lush cosmetics have always done the most fab face masks made from natural ingredients.  Mask of Magnamity is braced in honey leaving your skin feeling clear and smelling gorgeous. I love to use it before a night out , perfect for these early shows and late after parties  during fashion week!  (Lush have even tried to help us keep our beautiful skin regime by  giving away a fresh face mask when you collect five empty lush  cosmetics bottles!!)

So there you have it a few pointers to bring your daily beauty catwalk to life!

Contributor: Rhema (Beauty Blogger)

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