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Sunday, 13 March 2011

PFW AW 11 Report

Raw Edge Boutique sent their resident stylist via Eurostar to review all the happenings over the nine days of Paris Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week has always set a high benchmark especially for designers showing there for the first time but sadly the first couple of days were overshadowed by the continuing Galliano controversy...

From a stylist point of view I found this years PFW to be different, in that the designers seemed to have followed an alternative direction, moving away from their classic designs to a more contemporary feel, essentially in my opinion catering towards a new target audience. I guess these legendary fashion houses have identified a need to relate to the rising socially conscious consumer culture . Nevertheless these fashion houses could not disappoint. Expectedly impressive collections, again setting a new bar for the industry. Below are videos from some of my fav shows..

Contributor: Rickardo Mattocks-Maxwell (Freelance Stylist)

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