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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Raw Edge Boutique's Designers of the Month

Every month the Raw Edge Team brings forth different collections from rising independent designers. This month Raw Edge Boutique's Designer Shop features Kharise Francis, The Little Magpie and Jacqstar London collections.

Kharise Francis:
The Collection itself is inspired by the designers admiration of the female form at its rawest. Taking the silhouette back to what nature intended, but with a cheeky attitude that 'says I am the daughter of cave woman and I like it'. Pieces include this seasons hottest trends, a mixture of leopard print pieces, and lace LBD's what more can you ask for this party season.

Jacqstar London:
Jacqstar's regiments collections, originally inspired by this seasons military trend. Channels the universal perception of service wear, the collection is based around an army brigade. Each piece depicts the different personalities in a designated regiment

The Little Magpie:

The brilliance behind The Little Magpie's collection draws her inspiration from many areas including art deco, the 20s, Native American and vintage costume. This collection is full of timeless statement piece, hand crafted from real leather. Truly authentic.

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