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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

STYLE REPORT: American Music Awards 2010

This show may have got a record number of low viewers this year, however the stars were out in full force in their best clobber; an array of outfits across the board. Here where a few show stopping looks...


  1. hey ladies, its been a while but I'm back. Ok....when I first got an update on Miss Swift's new hair do I smiled! Its a new look for her, i like, it shows another side to the innocent blonde bombshell. I'm sure Jake loved it!
    Rihanna....ok after seeing her singing with Matt on XFactor my opinion on her changed...slightly lol. Please let me know if I'm wrong for liking her hair and thinking about that look for new yr. Now it will be a dramatic change as I have shaved hair lol a la Solange last year.
    Nikki-KMT! 'You say Nikki, and I say who me, and you say no you, and I say screw you'...WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?

  2. Love Rih Rih's auburn fro which has currently expanded & Love Nicki