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Friday, 24 September 2010

Ode to Solange...

The Raw Edge Team are in awe of the Solange Knowles, a star in her own right. Regular readers of our blog will know of our appreciation for this young lady, who continues to impress us.

The beautifully fierce, musician, dj, fashionista and mother is finally receiving the recognition and appreciation she has long deserved. Upon the release of 'Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreamers' (office playlist) we knew she was one to watch!! We even got the opportunity to witness her rock the house, whilst djing with Bey grooving at her side @ Brooklyn Bowl, NY!!!

However not only is she musically talented she has been running ahead in the style stakes for the past few years. I quote a British fashion weekly who pictured Solange next to style icons Diane Kruger and The SJP ,

''Solange looks great at the moment. She's stopped trying to look like every other R&B singer and developed her own style. She's putting it out there - and deserves credit for that''.
(Grazia 27/09/10)

We couldn't have said it better ourself!! Keep it up Solange!!!

Sidenote: look at her Alexandra McQueen Claw Heels...AMAZING SHOES!!

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