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Friday, 24 September 2010

The Raw Edge Team Loves... Selfridges Shoe Galleries!!

The Raw Edge Team is ecstatic!! Here in London, we have THE BIGGEST SHOE DEPARTMENT IN THE WORLD!!

This news was highly important to the Raw Edge Team whose members share a similar addiction to Carrie Bradshaw. Between us, our shoe collection, could do some serious damage. Thus when we heard the news that we would have access to 100,000 pairs of shoes we had to investigate further....

The Selfridges Shoe Galleries launched last week and boy were we we pleased!! There is every shoe you could possibly dream of; from exclusive Topshop and River Island (surprisingly impressive range) to your Balenciagas and Louboutins. The decor is also outstanding; saloons and boutiques, one of which is a recreation of Coco Chanel's apartment!! What more could we ask for!! Already made several guilty trips. We are totally smitten!

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  1. I walked in there on Monday and I had a permanant smile on my face, not juust because of the hottie at Jimmy Choo but because of the buzz I felt from being in the Shoe Gallery; everyone was happy to be there...even the workers. Special thanks to the sales assistant at Tod who knew I couldn't afford the camel hiking boots, but entertained me just the same lol